Corrugating Rolls


In 1996 Friese introduced the tungsten carbide coating, called since then ROCKWELLE. The use of tungsten carbide coating allows us to offer the market unique solutions in Corrugating rolls, with surface and quality distinguished. From the manufacturing processes till the coating composition, the ROCKWELLE allows an quality guarantee extremely distinct of the market.

Compared to the rolls hardened by nitriding process, or to the chrome coated ones, the ROCKWELLE has a longer lifetime. As a result of continuous development of our coating, we have developed a polishing three-step process that ensures low surface roughness, compared to the chrome coating ( Ra roughness < 0.30 um.).

The development of the coating allowed the reduction of the cost of Corrugating rolls per meter in up to 75%. When we offer the ROCKWELLE technology, we are offering useful life and cost - benefit.

The graph on the left shows the thickness of the coating and the useful life of different surfaces of Corrugating rolls. Compared with the rolls hardened by nitriding and coated with chrome, the Rockwelle® shows a much higher useful life, practically with no noticeable wear on the sides of the flutes.

Rockwelle® - Corrugating Roll Flute

1 – Rockwelle® Coating

2 – Corrugating roll base material