Friese is the largest manufacturer of Corrugating rolls and parts for the corrugated industry in Latin America. On the market since 1980, it is based on innovation, quality and reliability in terms of production of Corrugating rolls. In this regard, we have been renowned worldwide.

Thus, every step of our manufacturing process is performed according to the most stringent quality standards and quality rules, performed by highly trained professionals, which guarantees a quality product. Every detail is important, and all stages of our process are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Also, we have a primary objective of meeting the pre-established schedules when hiring our service.

The continuous technological innovations of the manufacturing process are the result of research and improvements in production, which is possible by our three decades of operations. At this point, we point out that our employees are constantly encouraged through technical refresher courses and operational training.

Among our values, we emphasize our commitment to offer increased productivity to the customer, quality and competitiveness in their respective field of expertise.

Today, Friese is reference by the quality employed from order to delivery. Our manufacturing plant includes the latest equipment, which guarantee excellence in machining processes, heat treatment, coating and grinding, among others necessary for the implementation of service plans.

Our industrial complex of 12,000 m² is located at KM 18 of the Anhanguera Highway, in an easy point of logistic integration, with privileged access to highways that connect SP to the rest of the country. Our location ensures agility for the arrival of raw material and outflow of all production.